Who are we?

We are best friends who love to travel. Mike and I met during our first year in college while living in Ohio. Ten years later, we quit our jobs and decided to travel together full-time.

What do we do?

We travel full-time! Our first goal was to travel the United States in a camper. We bought a 1979 Class A RV and headed straight for the Florida Keys. Since then, we’ve been through several vehicle and camper changes and are currently living in a 2008 Prowler travel trailer and driving a 2017 Ram 2500. We’ve driven across the U.S. twice and are currently located in Northern California.

Our second life goal is to travel by sailboat. We are currently researching, learning, and saving up to complete this goal. Our thoughts right now include moving back to the Florida Keys while we gain sailing experience and then take off to circumnavigate the globe.

Our third life goal is to travel by airplane. We plan to work on our pilot’s licenses and continue to travel by air.

Why do we do what we do

  1. Freedom: We have total control over our time. We are free to travel where, when, and how we want. We also have the freedom to pick our work and vacation schedules.
  2. Experience: We get out of the routine life and enjoy different scenery. We meet different people, grow, experience, learn, and challenge ourselves in every way possible.
  3. Change in mindset: Fears seem to disappear. We have the mentality that we are only going to be in one place for a short time, so we take advantage of everything that place has to offer.

We want to live a life that is much more meaningful to us.

How do we do it?

While traveling the country, I currently work as a traveling physical therapist with a travel healthcare agency, and Mike finds different trade jobs on the road. My work assignments are 3 months each, with freedom to pick the locations and take as much time off as we want between assignments. We stay in campgrounds while we are working for convenience, and boondock on our time off.

We are currently in transition to part two. We are saving up for our future sailboat and sailing life. Plans will evolve as we continue to research and learn about sailing.

Follow us on our adventures as we travel around the world!